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Saturday, 8 February 2014

I Recommend Beginners Pilates With Fit 4 You

Annette Is A Level 3 Qualified Instructor And Is Also GP Referral Trained 

Beginners Pilates With Annette Holliday.

I enjoy and value Annette's classes for the following reasons:

Annette has good regard for our safety by frequently reminding us to 'listen to our bodies' and to make adjustments to exercises to accommodate any injuries we have;
She watches us carefully,and advises us,so that we can both avoid damage and work most efficiently;
Exercises are introduced /extended gradually,so that we have time to learn them;
Annette explains why exercises are done in a particular way,and why they are useful ( and she also gives us glimpses of where some of the exercises are going),
Annette constantly reminds us of the order of the moves ,using the same wording every time,which helps us to remember them;
As we have become more familiar with the basics Annette has challenged us to 'talk ourselves through' some of the exercises,so that she can check that we are performing them safely and efficiently in our own practice sessions;
She has encouraged us and reminded us to practice frequently;
Annette has provided a DVD and web-support in case we seek further reminders at home;
Annette is always welcoming,understanding and encouraging.

Annette - the proof of how appreciated your approach is is shown by how busy your sessions are and by how many of us keep coming back!

Jean ( Pilates ) 

Sunday, 2 February 2014

Pilates Plank

 Shoulder Bridge
 Lengthening Stretching  Realigning And Balancing The Body

 Promoting And Improving Flexibility

Monday, 30 December 2013

Mind And Body…… 

Holistic Therapies 

Does Fitness And Health Go Together? Is It A Full Circle As In Healthy Body? Healthy Mind? 

Fit 4 You Gets Together With Lucid Therapies To Discuss Some Therapy Treatments That Are Used In The Precious Present...

Pilates Posture In Everyday Activities  - Do Join Us On Your Coffee Break...

This Week Do Join Us Once Again Over A Coffee  Break To Discuss ( EFT ) Emotional Freedom Technique

What Are The Myths Behind Hypnotherapy….. 

Today Over A Coffee Break Lucid Therapies And Fit For You Discuss The Simple Reasons Behind Why They Love What They Do….

Do You Believe In Fate? This Week Fit 4 You And Lucid Therapies Discuss How Their Particular Individual Paths Lead Into The Direction Of Their  Chosen Professions. 
Is It All Coincidental?

Lucid Therapies Talks About Therapy And Working With Children Over A Coffee Break With Fit 4 You 

Fit 4 You Discusses Different Ways To Maintain Health And Also The Need To Keep The Body Strong In Daily Life To Help To Fight Against  Aliments  Such As Osteoporosis ….

Coffee Time…. All Or Nothing With Lucid Therapies And Fit 4 You...

The Best Way To Fire Up Those Muscles To Burn Those Extra Tyres Around The Waist Line. Put Your Coffee Down And Join Us

Please Consult Your Doctor Before Embarking On Any Form Of Exercise And Always Do A Warm Up And Cool Down With Appropriate Stretches On Completion Of  The Exercise

We At Fit 4 You And Lucid Therapies Really Hope That You Have Enjoyed The Coffee Time Chats That We Have Shared With You. 
Take-care Of You For Us And We Will See You Again Soon xxx

A Few  Testimonials Form 2013  

My frozen shoulder (now in "thawed" stage?) does not hurt in my everyday life now but I can tell there is still lots of adhesion when I try to open my arms wide. With pilates (and Annette) it is less stuck every week. Cheers Annette x Ps In May I couldn't do one level 1 press up now I can do level 2 (well some!)

Pamala Attends The Monday And Wednesday Pilates Sessions With Annette Holliday

I am an 80 year old man and have been doing Pilates for 4 years. It has made a huge difference to my flexibility particularly in my neck – I can now turn my head easily when reversing the car! For the last 2 years I have been going to classes with Annette – I really miss the class when I am not able to go. Norman

I have been attending 'Pilates ' with Annette Holliday for about 5 months. 
I find her classes just right! She teaches in a relaxed style but her instruction is clear, definite & straight forward. We all find ourselves trying very hard to do what is expected of us.
I used to suffer with back ache whenever I became tired & consequently had to sit during many afternoons before the pain subsided. With Annette's instruction I no longer have the back ache I used to have. I feel fitter & can go on longer. 
I can recommend 'Pilates ' with Annette. 


I just wanted say that I have been doing pilates with Annette for over 2 years now and I have done pilates before with a teacher that didnt take the trouble to explain what was happening to your body etc. and didn't really understand what pilates meant but with Annette she explains what is happening to your body etc. and makes it a lot more meaningful and enjoyable. When she is explaining things as well as being thorough she is so genuinely enthusiastic. Thanks Annette, Joyce x

HI my name is Mary and I would just like to add that
Annette is very good at explaining the purpose of the exercises that we do and the correct way we should do them.
I particularly like the pilates class which helps me to keep my body more flexible as I love to spend time gardening.
Annettes variety of excesses and her special personalised routine are most enjoyable as she adds fun to the class but at the same time impressing on us the importance of keeping fit and active too.

New You Pilates For 2014

Beginners Pilates Fit 4 You

Starting On A Wednesday At 11.30 - 12.30pmAt The Brush Bowls And Sports Club Nanpantan Sports Ground.You will learn the basic principles of Pilates and be taught how to bring them into your everyday activities and by doing so improve the quality of your life on a daily basis.For further details or to answer any questions that you may have please email to