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Saturday, 8 February 2014

I Recommend Beginners Pilates With Fit 4 You

Annette Is A Level 3 Qualified Instructor And Is Also GP Referral Trained 

Beginners Pilates With Annette Holliday.

I enjoy and value Annette's classes for the following reasons:

Annette has good regard for our safety by frequently reminding us to 'listen to our bodies' and to make adjustments to exercises to accommodate any injuries we have;
She watches us carefully,and advises us,so that we can both avoid damage and work most efficiently;
Exercises are introduced /extended gradually,so that we have time to learn them;
Annette explains why exercises are done in a particular way,and why they are useful ( and she also gives us glimpses of where some of the exercises are going),
Annette constantly reminds us of the order of the moves ,using the same wording every time,which helps us to remember them;
As we have become more familiar with the basics Annette has challenged us to 'talk ourselves through' some of the exercises,so that she can check that we are performing them safely and efficiently in our own practice sessions;
She has encouraged us and reminded us to practice frequently;
Annette has provided a DVD and web-support in case we seek further reminders at home;
Annette is always welcoming,understanding and encouraging.

Annette - the proof of how appreciated your approach is is shown by how busy your sessions are and by how many of us keep coming back!

Jean ( Pilates ) 

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